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Whether you prefer your fantasy books to take place in a fictional world or set in our world, Sarina's books promise you magic, queer characters, slow-burn romances, found families, and dark themes throughout.

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Rise of the Sparrows

A cursed omen who dreams of death. A girl who calls fire with a wish. A group of resistance fighters who need the king to die.

Prophecy has brought them together, but will it destroy them too?

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Blood Wisp

A young woman struggling with her Shadow. A blood-thirsty demon fighting for control. Neither prepared to lose against the other.

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Darkened Light

When he was a boy in Onwwe, he’d been taught to respect the dead and honour their memory. Not once had anyone said anything about them still existing somewhere.

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A Dream of Death and Magic

If only we could choose who we fall in love with. I might have known better then. But he smiles at me again, our eyes meet, and I think that I’m dumb enough to have chosen him anyway.

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Worlds of Shadows, Myths, and Magic: A Series-Starter Box Set

Whether you’re new to Langer’s books or have already loved some of her stories, this series-starter box set is the perfect way to discover more of her dark fantasy novels… be they epic fantasy, dipping into vampire horror, or discovering a hidden paranormal community alongside our own.

Sweet slow-burn romance guaranteed. Spicy romance coming (hehe) in some. Magic in everything.

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This anthology is for charity!

'Third Name’s A Charm' is a treasure trove of fantastical delights, offering a diverse array of stories that will enchant and enthrall readers of all ages. With its masterful storytelling, richly imagined worlds, and compelling characters, this anthology is a must-read for fans of fantasy fiction. Prepare to be transported to realms beyond imagination and lose yourself in the magic of these captivating tales.

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All good things come in threes.

Once upon a time, a group of authors accepted a challenge from a fairy tale name generator. Not once or twice but thrice! Volume three of these quirky stories features trios and triple threats. The rule of three reigns supreme.
In this captivating clean YA anthology, journey through the trials of triplet princesses. Brace yourself for triple mashup retellings and teams of three. Explore the secrets behind triple goddesses and third true names. Uncover the allure of magical artifacts grouped in threes. From three abduction attempts to three days of daring escapades, each story promises thrice the adventure and excitement.
Venture into this collection of fantasy tales by award-winning and up-and-coming authors and prepare to be thrice enchanted.

All proceeds donated to a charity in support of reading and literacy.