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In her series-starter box set, you’ll find:

RISE OF THE SPARROWS (dark epic fantasy, Relics of Ar’Zac trilogy)

DARKENED LIGHT (dark epic fantasy, Darkened Light duology)

BLOOD WISP (dark fantasy horror, Blood Wisp trilogy)

A DREAM OF DEATH AND MAGIC (paranormal urban fantasy romance, Chaos of Esta Anderson decology)

Whether you’re new to Langer’s books or have already loved some of her stories, this series-starter box set is the perfect way to discover more of her dark fantasy novels… be they epic fantasy, dipping into vampire horror, or discovering a hidden paranormal community alongside our own.

Sweet slow-burn romance guaranteed. Spicy romance coming (hehe) in some. Magic in everything.


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Alright, so, maybe taking photos of people who don’t want to be noticed was a bad idea. Esta knows this now, and she’ll never forget the promise she made the Mara and the Dreamcatcher:

Stay out of the Veiled’s business unless they say otherwise, and learn everything—the many different types of Veiled so she can help rather than accidentally destroy, and all about Magick 101 from Kate, her friendly witch neighbour.

Only, as it turns out, not all Veiled are easy to spot, and soon Esta has every reason to believe she’s been cursed: There are growing tensions between her and handsome vampire bookseller Leverett, and not all of them pleasant (and those are not helped by some very vivid dreams); her sisterhood with her life-long BFF Bonnie is suffering; and the huge power imbalance between her and the Veiled grows ever more obvious when a jealous and deluded friend from Leverett’s past decides to deal with Esta for good.

Can Esta find the source of the curse and break it before she runs out of time…

And before she loses everything and everyone she cares about—including her life?


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When magic is revealed, the world will never be the same again…

Magic has always remained hidden, protecting those who possess it from those who covet it. But when magic is revealed to the world, all hell breaks loose.

With witches, the fae, orcs, sylphs, and even dragons on the loose, no one is safe.
Our heroes must navigate a world they don’t understand, with danger at every turn. The genie is out of the bottle and now all they can do is survive.

With stories from –

USA Today Bestselling Author S. K. Gregory
Kat Gracey
Kat Parrish
Adriadne LeFox
V. V. Strange
Sarina Langer
Erin Casey
S.R. Griffith
Heather Karn

Magic Discovered is a limited collection of urban fantasy and paranormal fantasy stories.

Sarina’s Books

Relics of Ar’Zac

Darkened Light

Blood Wisp

Chaos of Esta Anderson

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(for charity!)


Blood Wisp Trilogy – The Blood Song audiobook is in production

Chaos of Esta Anderson – The audiobook of A Dream of Death and Magic is in production, and Book 2, A Dream of Stars and Curses, will be out August 23rd.

AnthologiesMagic Discovered will be out September 25th, my story for Third Name’s a Charm is resting, and I’m writing my story for the Charmed&Dangerous set.

Sarina Langer is a dark fantasy author of both epic and urban paranormal novels.

She’s as obsessed with books and stationery now as she was as a child, when she drowned her box of colour pencils in water so they wouldn’t die and scribbled her first stories on corridor walls.

(‘A first sign of things to come’, according to her mother. ‘Normal toddler behaviour’, according to Sarina.)

In her free time she usually reads one audiobook, one ebook, and one paperback (one for every occasion), plays video games, and obsesses over mythology.

She has a weakness for books on writing and pretty words. (Specificity, anyone? Or perhaps nebulous?)

Sarina lives with her partner in the south of England.

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