COVER REVEAL | Shadow in Ar’Sanciond

It’s time for the first cover reveal of the new site! If there’s a better way to christen a new author website, I don’t know it ^-^

You may want to sit, because this one is *gorgeous*.

Are you ready?


Behold the cover for SHADOW IN AR’SANCIOND:

“In the beginning, everyone died.”

Sanciond is the magic capital of the North and home of the sorcerers watching over the country of Ar’Sanciond. With a library covering every subject imaginable, only one line of research is forbidden:

The study of the Mists, cradle of all evil where no light can dwell.

Sorcerer Eldon is granted permission to lead pioneering research into the Mists, but what he finds there—and what he unleashes—threatens the very fabric of Ar’Sanciond.

Sorcerer Vail, Seer Mavis, and Head Sorcerer Felan are the only ones who notice their friend’s changed energy. Only quick covert action can save Sanciond…

… But not all plans are meant to succeed, and not every story has a happy ending.

As always, the credit goes to my amazing cover designers at Design for Writers.

I can’t wait to share this prequel novella to the RELICS OF AR’ZAC trilogy with you. Expect it next year, a month or so after the trilogy concludes with BLOOD OF THE DRAGON 😉

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