October 2018 Goals

It’s only the fifth of October but it’s already been a huge month for me: on Tuesday, I told my manager that I’m leaving. From January, I’ll officially be a full-time author and editor.

And that’s terrifying as well as exciting.

(mostly exciting. but also terrifying.)

(I have a lot of feelings right now, tbh.)

Most of my goals this month focus around preparing myself for full-time self-employment, so I’ll stick to the interesting bits 🙂

Relics of Ar’Zac

With RISE OF THE SPARROWS with my editor and BLOOD OF THE DRAGON with my critique partners, I’m focussing on SHADOW IN AR’SANCIOND. I’m in the middle of the first read-through. Once that’s done and my critique partners are done with Book 3, it’ll go straight to them.


Not long ago–maybe two weeks?–I told my SO I wouldn’t be doing NaNo this year. I took part last year even though I didn’t have the time and failed miserably, and this year is looking even busier.

I’m not saying I’ve changed my mind, BUT I’ll be doing my own, smaller, unofficial NaNo challenge. It doesn’t matter if I ‘win’. Any words are better than nothing, and if I have the NaNo bug anyway I may as well put it to good use *shrugs*

I’ll be writing BLOOD SONG and BLOOD VOW. My cover designer is cracking on with the covers, so it’s high time I did my part too! No pressure and no guilt if I can’t finish both. Whatever happens, happens <3


I’m working on some freebies for my mailing list subscribers. My ARC team gets free books, so it didn’t feel fair that my other list isn’t getting anything.

I’ve got quite a few RELICS OF AR’ZAC character insights coming your way as well as two short stories, both exclusive to this list right here.

I’m hoping to make the first freebies available next week, so keep an eye on your inboxes or subscribe here 🙂

What are your goals for October? Make a tea and chat with me! <3

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