October 2018 Update

I feel like I’ve said this every month this year, but it’s been another crazy one. Unlike most months, October was more significant since I officially handed in my resignation. November isn’t looking any quieter–but more on that next week.

Blood Wisp

I’m ready to write my heart out next month. I’m definitely not doing NaNo this year, but I have set myself a smaller challenge to write as much as I can of BLOOD SONG and BLOOD VOW. They’re both novellas, so I should get a good chunk done even if I don’t finish them. I can finish what’s left in December–either way, this trilogy will be fully written by Christmas.

My cover designer is hard at work, too. I received some questions for the covers earlier this week and have clarified a few things, so I expect to see the proofs soon. They were scheduled to be done this week, but since they’re not my next releases I’ve asked my designer not to rush.

Either way, my biggest cover reveal of the year is just around the corner 🙂

Relics of Ar’Zac

There’s not too much to report because everyone is editing. My editor is working on RISE OF THE SPARROWS so I can republish it, my critique partners are working on BLOOD OF THE DRAGON, and I’m working on SHADOW IN AR’SANCIOND.

I’m almost done with my round, and will send SHADOW to my critique partners when they’ve recovered from DRAGON. Early 2019 seems likely–which sounds ages away, but remember it’s November next week 😉

So, all I can say is that we’re all in the middle of edits 🙂 Which is possibly why I need to do something at least a little similar to NaNo next month. It’ll be nice to write something, if only for an hour every morning.

How was your October? Have you achieved everything you wanted? Make a tea and let’s chat <3

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