December 2018 Goals

After a BUSY year, I’m excited for a quiet(ish) December. I’ve got another two weeks including this one, and then I’m taking a glorious three-week Christmas break.

So, my goals are somewhere between hectic because I’m finishing things off, and relaxed because I haven’t set as many.

My few writing goals are:

Relics of Ar’Zac

The only definite goal I’ve set is to apply all critique partner feedback for Blood of the Dragon to my printed copy. That way, it can rest a little longer over my break and then I’ll tear into it in January.

Besides that, I want to get through as much of Rise of the Sparrows as I can. I’ll do the rest in January and then it can go back to my editor for its line edit. My own edits of the prologue have been heavy*, but that just validates my decision to do this. Or maybe it proves I have no mercy. It’s probably both.

As for Shadow in Ar’Sanciond… I’m happy to leave it with my critique partners for now. I don’t expect their feedback until early January, so I might not look at it if they send me any notes before that. I might have a quick read over it, but I won’t do anything with it until next month.

*read: I may as well be bathing in tea so I can absorb caffeine through my pores.

Blood Wisp

The covers are coming in and everything I’ve seen so far has been beautiful, so I’ll be planning the cover reveal over my break 😉

With Blood Wisp and Blood Song resting, I’d love to finish the first draft of Blood Vow so they can all proof together, but I won’t put any pressure on myself. Having said that, finishing it is likely since it’s only a novella and I’ve written more words in less time *shrugs*

I’ve nearly written 10k, so it’s well on its way!

Beyond these goals, I have various editing jobs and decorating to do, but that’s it. It’s the most relaxed month I’ve had all year :’)

Get some biscuits and tell me about your December goals. Do you celebrate Christmas? Does that affect how many goals you’re setting this month?

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