Today is a big day. (Goodbye day job, hello full-time self-employment (somebody hold me))

I mentioned some weeks ago that I quit my job to become a full-time writer and editor, and today is the day. Today is my last day working in a library with the loveliest colleagues, and trolleys with hundreds of books shoved at me once a year and the words ‘we’re getting rid of these, keep as many as you want’.

In case you were wondering, here’s what going full-time self-employed feels like:

During the day: LET’S ROCK THIS

In the evening: It’ll be fine.

At night, trying to sleep: omgwhathaveidone

Next day: WOO

So, basically, I’m trying not to think about it after 5pm 🙂

Am I confident? Of course. It’ll only fail if I don’t put in the work, and I find that deeply reassuring. BUT I’ve never quit my job to go full-time writer and editor before, so it’s not like I can base it on prior experiences. All I have is my attitude to hard work, enough savings to last six months should I not make another pound, and a plan, but things like this are always a risk no matter how much you prepare.

Which is why I’m feeling all the emotions today.

I’m grateful to have been fortunate enough to work in such a fantastic place, which allowed me to build my business in the mornings and work with books in the afternoons and evenings.

I’m sad, because I’ll miss the lovely people I’ve worked with.

Most of all I’m excited to bring you all the books from next year.

So, thank you to my colleagues for a fab 4-something years. Thank you to you, my readers and authors, for getting me here. Here’s to future WIPs and excessive tea consumption.

*raises glass*

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