Goodnight, 2018 | Recap

The end of a year is a great time to reflect, don’t you think? 2018 has been my busiest year ever, so there’s loads to think about and be grateful for.

Usually, I update you on where all my WIPs are at the end of a month, but today, because it’s the end of the year, I’ll do things a little differently.

Relics of Ar’Zac

It’s been a Relics-heavy year. I finished  the first draft of Blood of the Dragon, wrote the prequel novella Shadow in Ar’Sanciond, and decided to re-publish Rise of the Sparrows in 2019. New edits for that are underway.

Blood of the Dragon has been torn apart by critique partners and is awaiting my own next round of edits. Shadow in Ar’Sanciond is with critique partners now. Rise of the Sparrows is with my editor. It’s all coming together <3

I’m so excited to get these to my Street Team and my Review Team. Your first series is always special, so I’m looking forward to publishing Shadow with mixed feelings. Bring on all the bittersweetness <3

Darkened Light

I published Darkened Light in August and I’m thrilled with the love it’s received since <3

While I haven’t started Book 2 yet, it’s in my planner for 2019. I want to tell you its name, for one! I’ve kept it secret since before Darkened Light‘s title reveal 😛

Blood Wisp

I’m really pleased that I’ve almost written an entire trilogy this year. I know they’re only novellas, but I’m happy that I managed to squeeze them in all the same. I’m not quite there with Blood Vow (#3), but that’s okay. When time is short, my editing clients come first, but I know I’ll finish it in January.

I love this trilogy and can’t wait to share it next year.

This website

One of the biggest changes this year was that I split my author site from my blog for writers, CookieBreak. It’s only been a few short months, but it’s already odd to think that they were ever the same site!

Thank you so much to everyone who’s moved across with me and continues to read my monthly updates and whatever other news I have for you.

Next year will be a busy one, and I’m excited to have you alone with me.

Naturally, there’s a bunch of other things too, like me quitting my job or me building my editing business, but I already mentioned the former and the latter belongs on CookieBreak more than it does here, so I’ll leave it at that 🙂

Get a tea, make yourself comfortable, and tell me about your successes this year, no matter how small they seem to you. I’d love to hear how well you’ve done <3 (if only so I can tell you that you really have done brilliantly.)

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  1. I’ve had a busy year too, managing to write seven and a half books. Three of them have been published already, and are novellas – but only barely because I always write long books : ). For the upcoming year I plan to take it slow, I want to finish my fantasy series (one and a half books are already written!) and go through my Arthurian trilogy with a fine toothed comb, so I can start publishing those by the end of 2019. And I plan to say NO a lot more than I did, as I must take time off to do whatever I fancy, and take care of myself

    1. I know what a busy bee you’ve been, so I’m glad to read you’ll look after yourself more this year. Self-care is so important <3 Let me know if I can help 🙂 Happy writing/editing!

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