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It’s my birthday tomorrow, so I’ve put Darkened Light on promotion 😉 This weekend only, you can get the eBook half-price for £1.99/$2.57.

If you haven’t read it yet, now’s the time to treat yourself because on Monday, the price will go back up again 😉

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When he was a boy in Onwwe, he’d been taught to respect the dead and honour their memory. Not once had anyone said anything about them still existing somewhere.

The death goddess Ithrean has led the dead to their rest and watched over them in Dunhă for centuries, but they are no longer at peace. Their souls turn the red grass black, and their corruption seeps into the world of the living.

Naavah Ora is an elven mage who can enter Dunhă at will, and study its corruption like no one else can.

Doran is a runaway thief who cares about nothing as much as the next treasure, even if it puts his own life in danger.

840 is the only male sacrifice in his village, longing for a chance to live.

Ash is a troublemaker who is learning that he can’t burn his way through every obstacle.

To halt the coming darkness, they need to work together.

It’s too bad they are too different to get along.

Goodreads & Amazon Reviews:

Full of adventure, mystery, and magic, Sarina proves again that she is a master of fantasy and a queen of worldbuilding! Blending the fun of dysfunctional teams like the Guardians of the Galaxy with the poignant plotting of Mistborn, Darkened Light will appeal to fans of high fantasy!!

Goodreads Review, Faith Rivens

Conflict. A vital ingredient in any story. The author skillfully uses this to maximum effect as the tale unfolds, and you find yourself rooting for the characters (so hard to pick a favourite!) whilst wanting to bang their heads together!

Goodreads Review, Beverley Lee

I love a team of misfits getting together for a common purpose, and it gives me all the same happiness as the video game series Dragon Age.

Amazon Review, Dana Fraedrich

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Get it on Amazon US

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Happy reading <3

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