February Goals 2019

I know it’s still two months away, but does anyone else feel like April Camp NaNo is just around the corner? The NaNo bug got me early this year, that’s for sure!

But, in the interest of sanity, let’s focus on February for now.

My goals this month are few but mighty:

Rise of the Sparrows

I have every intention of finishing my rewrites this month and sending it back to my editor for line edits.

Once they are done and we move on to the proofread, I’ll have a date for the re-release, too, so stay tuned 😉

Blood of the Dragon & Shadow in Ar’Sanciond

The second I send SPARROWS back to my editor, these two will have my full attention. (read: my full attention shared between the two *ahem*) I still haven’t copied my critique partners’ feedback, so it’s about time. June/July releases are starting to look ambitious, but not impossible.

BLOOD OF THE DRAGON will be the greater challenge of the two since I need to lengthen it. Considerably. BUT the time away from it has helped and I have ideas for expansion, so I’m hoping it sounds more painful than it’ll be.

And this short list is it! It doesn’t look like much, but both points will take time and commitment. In theory, I’ll have both, so nothing should stand in the way.

What’s on your to-do list this month? Make a tea and tell me about your goals over biscuits <3

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