March Goals 2019 | Hello, Variety!

Happy March, Sparrows!

If you read my February update last week, you may have noticed that I’m excited March is here. If you haven’t, it’s because the first two months of 2019 were a bit busy and a tad stressful. March, however, promises an awful lot more variety!

Here’s what’s on my to-do list this month:


It’s been forever and an age since I’ve last drawn a map, but with edits on Shadow in Ar’Sanciond and the Blood Wisp trilogy just around the corner, I figured I’d better get a move on.

Now, I can’t draw and rely on my cartographer to make my sketches look pretty, so we’ll see how these turn out. Thank Kittens I don’t have to do the final versions myself!

If they aren’t as bad as I expect, I might even show them off here, but no promises.

Relics of Ar’Zac

With Rise of the Sparrows rewrites back with my editor, I can focus on Blood of the Dragon and Shadow in Ar’Sanciond. My critique partners have sent me feedback for both and I’ve had a bit of time to think as well, so I’ve got a few ideas on how to make both better now.

There’s a fair bit of work involved–especially with Dragon, which is much too short–but I’m excited to get started.

Camp NaNo

With Camp only a month away, I’ve been keeping an eye on my inbox for that email telling me I can sign up.

(I may have been overeager and checked on Friday.)

I’ll tackle first Blood Wisp edits, so that’s really more something for next month, I suppose? What can I say, I caught the bug early.

But there are some things I can do this month to prepare, like copy all three Scrivener novellas and put them into one Word document. Change the font and colours so I can get a fresh look at it. It’s been resting for a while now (especially Book 1, which I wrote during last year’s April Camp), so I’m hoping the break and different style will make editing it easier.

So, to summarise…

Draw some terrible map sketches, copy the last of my critique partners’ feedback, expand Blood of the Dragon, cut Shadow in Ar’Sanciond, and prepare for Camp NaNo.

Don’t think about how this isn’t quite half of my whole to-do list.


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