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Can you believe Camp NaNo is only a few days away? :O I’m really excited to dive in, but for now I’ll behave and concentrate on March.


I decided to hold off on creating my new maps so I can create them alongside editing their books. I’ve made a rough (and I mean Rough, because I have no drawing skills) start on the map for Shadow in Ar’Sanciond, but Blood Wisp will have to wait.

Not for long, though, since it’s my NaNo project 😀 *flails because NaNo addiction*

Relics of Ar’Zac

Everything is slowly coming together, Sparrows. I’ve added two and a half new chapters to Shadow in Ar’Sanciond, and dare I say I made it even darker? I love how it connects with the main trilogy, but I also kind of hate myself for doing it. There are a lot of bits that need to match on both ends, especially two scenes which happen in the prequel novella and Blood of the Dragon, from two different POVs and at different moments in time.



I’ve given myself a lot of work to do, but I hope you’ll love it when it’s ready. I’m relieved I’m editing both books at the same time. It gives me more freedoms than I would have had otherwise.

What’s left to do?

Not much on Shadow in Ar’Sanciond. I’ve applied all critique partner feedback, I’ve added the two chapters, so now I’ll just need to go over everything again in May (after NaNo, thank you), make sure everything still works as it should, make it a little darker where I can… and then it’ll be off to my editor for its line edit o.o

Blood of the Dragon has a little more left. I’ve applied quite a few critique partner notes this week alone, but I keep getting carried away where I see other areas I can work on. I do have several ideas for expansion, so that shouldn’t be a problem. And because I’m a hyper-organised control freak, I’ve created a Google Spreadsheet with what happens in every chapter, whether it needs anything added to it and what, whether I need to move it, and of course that’s all colour-coded, too <3

Also, my editor has informed me that she’s almost done with Rise of the Sparrows line edits, so that’s one to look forward to in April!

(This series always takes up the main chunk of these posts, doesn’t it? It’ll feel weird when they’re all published and out in the world and there’s nothing left to report </3 My babies are growing up X’C)

Camp NaNo

I declared my project the day it was possible to do so. I may have been stalking the website for a few days… *ahem*

I’ve prepared what I could, so I’m hoping for minimal distractions next month. I may need to stock up on tea, but all three novellas are in one Word doc and I’ve changed the font and colours, so hopefully that’ll help. 182 pages is possible in one month, right? Bear in mind that three of those are title pages, so really it’s 179.

Definitely not over-ambitious.

*adds all the tea to shopping list*

But more on that on Monday 🙂

How did your March go? Make a tea, get some biscuits, and tell me about your progress <3

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