April Goals | Hello, NaNo, My Old Friend <3

Happy April, Sparrows!

I have only two goals this month:

Camp NaNo

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! *happy sigh* I’m editing my Blood Wisp novella trilogy, and I’ve set a rather large goal of all 182 pages. When you consider that three of those are title pages, it’s really not that bad *ahem*

Because NaNo takes it out of the best of writers, I’ve set some rewards for myself as motivation:

If I make it through Blood Wisp, I get Wicca: A Modern Guide to Witchcraft and Magic by Harmony Nice.

If I make it through Blood Song, I get a new candle, because my lovely pistachio and lemon one is almost dead.

And if I make it through all three, I get… I’m still a little undecided on that, actually. I had some books written down, but I feel like it shouldn’t all be research.

Whether I manage to edit all three novellas or not isn’t important. I’ll make a ton of progress this month, and I’m excited for it.

If you’re doing NaNo this month, tell me if you’ve set yourself rewards for various milestones and what they are <3

Rise of the Sparrows

My editor told me she’ll finish the line edit this month, possibly as early as this week, so I’ve got a re-release to plan. I am doing NaNo, though (in case you didn’t notice–I’m not sure I mentioned it), so I’ll be happy to just apply her changes and send it back for the final proofread.

Since I’ve never re-published anything before–and because I’ve done a ton of research since my last release–I’m excited to see how it compares when I pull out ALL the stops.

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