April Recap | Who kicked Nano’s butt? I DID

Hello, Sparrows!

April has been a powerhouse of progress for me.

Camp NaNo

I admit, part of me wasn’t convinced I’d edit all three novellas/182 pages this month, but guess what? I did!

The end even sneaked up on me, somehow. I realised last week Tuesday, 25 pages before the end, that the next step is sending it to critique partners–and I hadn’t drafted the email or asked for volunteers.

All that is done now. I’ve finished editing Blood Vow last week Wednesday, I’ve asked for and chosen my critique partner volunteers, and I’m sending it to them this week. I’m still waiting for a few to confirm, but other than that, it’s ready to go.

Rise of the Sparrows

My editor got her line edit changes back to me this month, and I’ve accepted them and sent it back to her for the final proofread.

I’ve also sent the new ARCs to my Sparrow Review Team and made it available on BookSprout.

Between that and NaNo progress, April has been one hell of a high-energy month!

(and then a very-low-energy month when post-NaNo fatigue hit me suddenly and violently)

See my May goals (later this week) for re-release details 😉


It’s been a while since I posted an excerpt, so it’s about time! This one is from Blood Wisp, and I think it sums up my MC Michiko’s feelings throughout quite nicely:

She no longer felt completely human, but she wasn’t a Mist demon, either. She was some kind of nameless monster, some new terror the archives would lock away to be forgotten, and no amount of chamomile tea would make that better.

How did April treat you? Make a tea and tell me all about it.

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