May Goals | Beware, there’s A LOT of excitement ahead

Happy May, Sparrows!

I always like it when there’s variety between two consecutive months, but after April’s two-goal focus, May’s excitement may be a little too much for me!

Better make tea.

(Because caffeine calms, doesn’t it??)

Let’s just take a deep breath before we dive in… (I have a feeling I’ll be doing this a lot this month)

Relics of Ar’Zac

Rise of the Sparrows

My editor messaged me earlier this week and told me that she’s almost done with the proofread, so you know what that means? I’m officially re-releasing in May.

*deep breaths*

I’m especially excited about that because I originally released it in May 2016. Clearly, this is my month to get shit done.

With the re-release so soon, I have a ton of prep to do. My mailing list’s welcome sequence needs adjusting, ad copy and images need to be prepared, new reviews need to be collected,…

*deep breaths*

You’d think that’s enough for one month, but wait, there’s more!

Blood of the Dragon

Since the Blood Wisp trilogy is with critique partners now, I can finally finish editing this. Meaning, I’ve got last critique partner notes to apply and chapters to add. Like, at least 15k.

No biggie.

Then it’ll be as good as ready for my editor to work her line edit magic, and then I’ll be asking for beta readers before long.

*deep breaths getting shaky*

Shadow in Ar’Sanciond

All I need to do here is read through it again and make it darker wherever possible. Compared to the rest, this is quite relaxed. I might do it when I need a break from the other stuff *shrugs*



*deep breaths* *uncontrollable bouncing*

I’ve been wanting to plot this for months, but I’ve been a good kitten and waited until it’s time.

Well, Sparrows, it’s time.

Dreamer (temp. title) 1-3 is gonna get plotted this month. Also next month. As long as it’s ready for Camp NaNo in July (yes, I’m aware I’ve only just finished the last Camp, why do you ask), I’ll be happy.

What will you achieve this month? Make a tea and tell me about your goals <3

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