May Recap | A little lost for words?

How was your May, Sparrows? As expected, mine was packed, and most of it was re-release related. Turns out, it was so packed I can’t even think of a good title–and that’s without having done everything I wanted!

But let’s focus on what did get done, hm?

Relics of Ar’Zac

Rise of the Sparrows

The re-release went ahead as planned (you can still grab it on offer until this Sunday!) and is underway!

There’s a little issue with the paperback so that’s not available again just yet, but I’m hoping to sort it within the next week or two–it depends on when my cover designers are back from their holiday.

Until then, I’m happy to say that the new eBook version is officially out and I’m tired and I’m ready to move on. This has been a long time coming. Who’d have thought I’d still be working on Book 1 three years after the original release date? The learning curve in this business is a bitch.

(I do love it, though <3 Yay for making mistakes and learning!)

A few things around the re-release took up more time than expected, especially the new onboarding sequence for my mailing list. Some of my other goals didn’t get quite as much attention as a result, but who cares? I re-released a book this month. I did good.

Blood of the Dragon

I haven’t added the new scenes and chapters yet, but I have applied all of my critique partners’ feedback. Doing that has already added quite a few words, so the remaining wordcount I need to add doesn’t look as daunting.

I’ve also messaged my editor about the line edit *ahem*

More on that next week 😉


I’ve started plotting and it’s my favourite thing in the world <3 I’ve got so much planned for this little trilogy, but it’s too early to share anything yet. I can leave a few small teasers though 😉

Dreamer will have:

A sassy cat spirit guide.

Vampires and magic.

A best-friend relationship.

An old bookstore.


That’ll have to do until I can share more. July Camp NaNo is just around the corner, so it shouldn’t be too much longer 😉

How was your May? Make a tea, find some biscuits, and tell me what you’ve achieved <3

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