June Goals | Time to look ahead and PLOT

Happy June, Sparrows!

After an extremely busy first five months of 2019, I’m excited to calm things down a tiny bit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m working on several WIPs at once while also working as a freelance editor, but the pressure of important deadline after important deadline is over.

Rather than rushing to tick things off my to-do list, I can look ahead and plan for future releases. My little plotster heart is happy and excited to bring you new books.

(And refresh my self-care routine. Maker knows that thing needs work.)

I’m hoping to have fewer goals every month from now on but focus more on the ones I do have, so I can take larger steps towards fewer goals rather than baby steps towards lots of goals.

Here’s what I have for May June:

(perhaps stronger tea should be on this list since I apparently don’t know what month it is *ahem*)

Relics of Ar’Zac

(It’s just occurred to me that we won’t be seeing plans for this series for too much longer. I’m on track for publishing both of the below late this year, so after that it’s just the box set of all four books and then that’s it. Won’t that just feel weird? Let’s enjoy it while it lasts.)

Blood of the Dragon

Last week I’ve printed my chapter list (including every chapter’s POV, important events and plot twists, and possible changes and additions) and today, I’ll go over it to see where I can add chapters and expand what I already have.

Thanks to my critique partners’ notes, I have a few ideas and I’ve already added a bit, so just another 10-15k and I’ll be happy with the length.

I’m hoping to finish adding stuff next week. Then I’ll read over it all again (although, part of me is starting to wonder if I only want to do that because I don’t want to let go) and then it’ll be off to my editor.

I’ll be asking for beta readers before you know it 😉

Shadow in Ar’Sanciond

Not much to do here. I’ll read over it again, make it darker where I can, and then it’ll be ready for my editor. One or two more weeks, depending on when I’ll start, should do it.

Get ready, oh my editor.


This is the one I’m by far the most excited about, because it’s still so early that anything could happen.

I love this stage, it’s full of possibilities and magic <3

With Camp NaNo just around the corner, I need to get a move on too, so I have no reason to do anything but plot!

Feels good, Sparrows.

I’ve recently read a book on outlining and it’s given me all the ideas, so I can’t wait to try all these new techniques and make this plot the strongest I’ve written to date.

The Silence of Magic

I wasn’t planning on including this project today–or any time soon, to be honest–but you know what? It’s a massive project with months worth of world building and lore creation, so I might as well get started.

It won’t be a priority, but there’s no harm in doing a little plotting here and there, is there?


So, that’s my June–writing, reading, and lots of plotting. It’s shaping up to be my favourite month (never mind the most creative!) this year so far.

What are your goals for June? Make a tea and tell me all about it.

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