June Recap | Wattpad and NaNo changes

Happy end of June, Sparrows!

This has been such a crazy month–I posted three times since I posted my June goals!–which makes this recap quite exciting!

There’s a summary at the end, so you get all the good bits in one place.

Relics of Ar’Zac

Blood of the Dragon

I’m pleased to say that I finished adding chapters, which means I’ve finished the dreaded rewrites! There were two scenes more (I think) than I thought I’d add, so my word count has come along quite nicely.

It’s currently just over 80k, and I’ll add a few more during my last read-through. Everything needs to wrap up nicely.

Rise of the Sparrows

In case you missed it: the paperback is available again! *throws confetti*

But even more exciting than that, you can now read the prologue and the first six chapters for free on Wattpad!

My plan is to upload the first few chapters of every series starter I have now and will have in the future, so you can see if my books are for you before you buy. I might also post early looks into new WIPs, so it’s worth following me over there if you like those special sneak-peeks.

Darkened Light

I decided on a last-minute change to my Camp NaNo project last week–instead of starting the new Dreamer novella trilogy, I decided to finish the Darkened Light duology!

I announced the title of Book 2 earlier this week, and I’ve spent all week plotting and preparing for NaNo. It’ll be dark, Sparrows. Stock up on chocolate now and you might just have enough by the time it comes out.

My Scrivener index cards are ready. NaNo can come.


What’s going to happen with the Dreamer trilogy, you ask?

I have spent most of June plotting it and getting to know my characters, so when I come back to it (very likely once I’ve set the first draft of Brightened Shadows to proof) I’ll have a good head-start. I introduced Esta earlier this month and have a lot more to show you!

It was starting to feel a little forced and the plot had moved away from my original idea too much, so I think letting it simmer for a little longer is best for myself and the books.

It’ll probably be my NaNoWriMo project in November, so I’ve got time to sort it out.

To summarise…

Rise of the Sparrows is on Wattpad. (Prologue – Chapter 6)

The paperback of Rise of the Sparrows is available again.

I’ll be working on Brightened Shadows (Darkened Light #2) for Camp NaNo.

I introduced Esta Anderson, the MC of my new Dreamer trilogy.

And that about sums it up! What have you achieved this month? Make a tea and tell me about your achievements <3

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