To celebrate NaNo (because I’m actually always celebrating NaNo), I want to give you a first look into the sequel to Darkened Light today. It’s my Camp NaNo project, so it’s fitting!

I can’t share a whole chapter or anything like that (first draft mess!), but I can share the current opening and some graphics.

Let’s start with its Pinterest board:

Brightened Shadows will be dark with light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel vibes throughout. It’s the darkest thing I’ve plotted so far, and I think its board represents that.

Here are a few things it’ll have:

Pissed-off elven gods.

A growing corruption in the worlds as well as in one character.

Death (think I’m gonna leave that vague ;))


The scenery of Scotland and Norway

Gay love

A not-all-happy ending

SPOILER WARNING: If you haven’t read Darkened Light yet (get it here!) and don’t want a BIG spoiler, don’t read the quote.

To finish, here’s the current opening (in its first draft messy state):

‘Darkness had fallen over Dunha. Naavah Ora looked at the city at the heart of the spirits’ haven and mourned its lost light.

She mourned the loss of herself too. It had been gradual, slow and invisible like poison, but now it was too late and she feared she’d never know the difference again. Were these her fears or Ithrean’s? She no longer knew.

Ceallach had corrupted Dunha, and whether she was herself or the goddess of the dead, she would have her revenge.

For no one disturbed the souls’ peace while she was their guardian (Naavah Ora?), and she (Ithrean?) would burn the darkness out of her creation and return its light to even the darkest corners.’

I hope you enjoyed this first glance at Brightened Shadows! Let me know what you’re most looking forward to in the comments.

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    1. Then it’s doing its job!! 😀 I can’t wait for you to read this, I think you’ll love it <3 I have you down as a critique partner? 🙂

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