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Hi, everyone!

August is here, and it doesn’t leave much room for error. The first two weeks will require some micro-managing, but the rest should be a little more relaxed *fingers crossed*

If the below doesn’t look like much, it’s only because I’m working on a lot of editing jobs right now.

Relics of Ar’Zac

I’m hoping to get Shadow in Ar’Sanciond to my editor this week, but as I’m writing this post, I still have 27 pages to go and not a lot of spare time to edit them in.

It will be with my editor by the time I update you on how my August went, but the dream would be to get them done this week.

I’ll also assemble my beta team for Blood of the Dragon this month. If you’d like to do it, keep an eye on this blog and/or sign up for my Street Team–you’ll need to be on there to beta anyway, so you may as well sign up now 😉

I’ll let you know when it’s time, so as long as you’re either following this blog, signed up to my team, or following me on Instagram or Twitter, you can’t miss it!

Wait… Is that It?

Not quite. Depending how much time there is once I’ve finished aforementioned editing jobs, I’ll also write the next few thousand words on Brightened Shadows and plot Blood Song and Blood Vow.

Because my early-August schedule is so tight, I won’t set any specific goals for either. The priority is Shadow in Ar’Sanciond and Blood of the Dragon. Everything else is a plus this month.

That‘s it 🙂

What will you achieve this month? Make a tea and tell me about your goals <3

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