August Recap | Beta Readers Wanted! (also book trailer news and some tentative release dates/months)

Can you believe it’ll be September in a few short days? :O

(I swear every recap starts like this… What can I say? I’m easily amazed.)

As expected, August has been packed with edits (and some plotting, yay!). The first half was busy and a tad stressful, but the second half has been a dream, to be honest.

Relics of Ar’Zac

Shadow in Ar’Sanciond is with my editor for its line edits, she’s as good as done with Blood of the Dragon line edits, and I’m currently recruiting beta readers for both.

Want in on that fun? Sign up here. I’d love to have you on my team!

I can’t believe how close I am to finishing this series. Blood of the Dragon will definitely be out this year (I’m looking at November), and Shadow in Ar’Sanciond will be out one month later. If it gets too close to Christmas, I might wait until January, but I need to do some thinking on that. The box set will follow soon after that, and it’ll include all four books.

I just– Someone hold me. Or make me tea. Or both.

Darkened Light

I’ve finally made progress on Brightened Shadows! I’m into the 10k, and the plan is to get into the 40k next month and to finish the first draft in October. Given the dark fantasy vibes and autumnal cover I have in mind, I can’t think of a better month for it.

I’ll aim to publish it in October 2020, but it’s way too early to make promises!

It would be perfect though.

Also, Darkened Light has a nearly finished trailer! I’ve seen the unfinished version and it’s a masterpiece, Sparrows. It’s so incredible. You’ll want to watch out for that next month 😉

Blood Wisp

I managed to fit in some plotting! It’s a long shot from a complete outline, but I have a better idea of what needs to happen (and partially also how it’ll happen) in Books 2 and 3 and feel more confident about this whole trilogy going into September.

As I mentioned above, I’m aiming to finish the first draft of Brightened Shadows in October, which would make Blood Song a NaNo baby!

*cries early tears of joy*

Given that all I wanted this month was to get Shadow in Ar’Sanciond to my editor and assemble a beta sqad for Blood of the Dragon, I’m feeling rather accomplished ^-^

How was your August? Make a tea, grab a biscuit, and tell me about your accomplishments <3

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