September Goals | Early NaNo Prep and an Ending Trilogy

Happy September, Sparrows!

Autumn is officially here (and has been for about a week), and I’m glad to have the weather mellow out a little. Warmth is nice, but heatwaves are unnecessary if you ask me–I’m not a fan of sticking to my furniture and melting again two seconds after coming out of the shower.

(you might have seen this post publish last week Wednesday. my bad. sorry about that <3)

Relics of Ar’Zac

September is a big month for my little trilogy. Blood of the Dragon is going to betas this week, and Shadow in Ar’Sanciond will go to betas a little later this month.

And then all that’ll be left to do is the proofread, sending ARCs, and planning the release days!

No biggie.


I should also email my cover designer about the box set, but I’m not sure yet if I’ll do that this month or if it can wait a little longer.

Darkened Light

I’ll have a book trailer for you this month, and I’m aiming to get Brightened Shadows to 50k.

Doesn’t sound like much, but the trailer is exciting af (I should know, I’ve seen it ;)) and I’ve got just over 30k to write, so I can’t wait to get on with both!

Blood Wisp

Since I decided on Friday that Blood Song will be a NaNo baby and since it’s never too early to prepare for NaNo, I’m plotting Blood Song and Blood Vow this month. I made a good start in August, but I’ve still got a lot of fleshing out to do and should probably get to it *ahem*

All being well, I’ll have my outline ready by the end of September so I can plot Blood Vow in October.

Even better, I’ll have both fully plotted! Wouldn’t that be a dream?

And that’s it for September! What are your goals this month? Make a tea and tell me all about them <3

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