9 Books to Love this Autumn

Autumn is officially here, Sparrows!

*puts on her witch hat and jumps into leaf pile*

You know what’s odd? Back in my last job, I read every day on my lunch break. I got in at least an hour every day that way, and easily read two or three books a month!

You’d think I’d read even more now I’m full-time self-employed, wouldn’t you? I thought so, but my reading has really taken a backseat these last few months since January.

Not to worry though–autumn is here, and that’s the perfect season to curl up with a good book!

There’s nothing better than rainy days, warm blankets, hot teas, and a cat purring on my lap to get me through a reading slump. I’ve never had one of these before and I don’t like it, so let’s kick it in the teeth together, shall we?

The below is a collection of self-published books and traditionally published books, short books and long books, books I’ve loved and books I’ll be reading this autumn.

And the best part?

They all fit into autumn like they were written for the season.

Please note: this post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through one of the links below.

The Shadow of the Wind has been waiting on my shelf for… Oh gawd, has it actually been years? :O I have no excuse 😐

I don’t know much about it other than that it’s about books and maybe a library, and the cover screams, ‘READ ME IN AUTUMN’, so it’s high on my list for this year.

If you like curses, demons, vampires, and disturbing reads rather than horrifying ones, you’ll love The Making of Gabriel Davenport. The writing is beautiful, and the paranormal element fits it perfectly!

While The Name of the Wind isn’t specifically an autumnal read, the cover definitely fits. Love epic fantasy? This is a must-read.

The size put me off a little bit–at 664 pages, this isn’t a fast read–but I soon lost myself in its pages, read the even longer sequel immediately after, and still wanted more. It’s not short, but it is magnificent in every way.

This is another disturbing rather than terrifying read–which is good, because I’m a wimp 😐 If you prefer your horror witchy, cursed, and in a way that’ll make the shadows seem deeper without robbing you of any sleep, then Daughters of the Oak is for you!

And, of course, those autumn leaves on the cover are a must.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon has been on my shelf for a while. I’m always a little reserved with authors known for their horror books, but some of King’s other books have shown me that his horror won’t necessarily give me nightmares–and I’ve been told this isn’t like other Kings–so I’m looking forward to it now!

I meant to read it last October but couldn’t quite fit it, so it’s high on my list for this year.

Hell’s Teeth has vampires, the kind of ‘zombie’ that’s faster than you, and so much humour you’ll be laughing on every other page. There’s so much darkness in this, but the MC’s sarcasm will lighten it and make you smile.

Plus, with the release of Book 3 just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get into this series!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve admired this beauty before I finally bought it. The Necronomicon is required horror reading, isn’t it? Frankly, it’s shameful I haven’t read it already.

It’s huge, though, so I’ll probably take it one story at a time.

A friend recommended Dean Koontz to me years ago, so when my library got rid of Twilight Eyes, I knew I had to keep it. I meant to read it last October, but then other books took longer than expected. It’s high on my pile this year to make up for it.

No list of autumnal reads is complete without my baby Darkened Light πŸ˜‰ I mean, just *look* at that cover! You know you want it.

What are you reading this autumn? Make a tea, wrap up in that blanket, and tell me about your next read.

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2 Replies to “9 Books to Love this Autumn”

  1. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is BEAUTIFUL!! King’s always at his best when he writes childhood, in my opinion. And the Necronomicon is one of the reasons I stopped lending books, I never saw my copy again! It’s one of the best books ever, though, so the person who kept it – ex boyfriend – clearly had good taste…

    1. I’m so excited to read it now! <3 I have high expectations. I'm sorry your ex kept your copy of the Necronomicon, but I guess he has that one thing going for him?

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