January Recap | A Slow Start to the Year (but wait, I published a box set!)

January has been a mixed month for me. I’ve learned that my productivity suffers when I’m off, back to work, off again, back to work, off, back to work, off, back to work–

I’m relieved I had a two-week break for my 30th birthday and got to spend one week with my parents, but I’m also relieved that I haven’t got any more time off planned for… well, until Christmas, to be honest. I’m sure something will come up before then, but right now I’m glad to be returning to my routine on Monday with some firm deadlines in place.

Relics of Ar’Zac


I won’t go into detail again since I just did that on release day, but suffice it to say it’s been an emotional two weeks for me and I’m still accepting that my debut series is available to the world in box set form.

Beyond the release day excitement, I’ve been working on a mailing list freebie telling the story of how Rachael got abandoned in Blackrock as a child. More on that soon, but if you want it the moment it’s out, sign up to my author list.

Brightened Shadows

The first read-through is underway and I’m taking lots of notes as I go. I have a few ideas for changes right now, though I’m not as far as I wanted to be. The eclipse affected lots of people early this month, myself included, and threw me into a week-long low, which wasn’t helped by my routine not knowing whether it was coming or going.

Having said that, it’s going well, and once the Relics of Ar’Zac freebie is with my mailing list, I’ll start working on the freebie for this duology. Lots of free stuff! *throws confetti*

Blood Wisp

No progress because of aforementioned low.

(Being off for two weeks may also have slowed my progress *ahem*)

February promises to be a fair bit busier…

But more on that on Monday 🙂

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