February Goals | Rise of the Sparrows is perma-free and Shadow in Ar’Sanciond a mailing list freebie… Wait, WHAT?

Hi, everyone!

So, this post is a week late. My February so far has been a combination of various emotional highs and lows. Things have started to calm a bit, so I finally have a chance to sit down with my laptop and share my goals–some of which I’ve already met, others I didn’t see coming.

The lows are entirely personal, so I won’t bore you with them here – suffice it to say they are the reason this post is late.

Relics of Ar’Zac

I have two super exciting bits of news:

  • Rise of the Sparrows is now perma free on online retailers! I went wide with it last week Friday, asked my mailing list and my Facebook reader group to tell Amazon about the lower price, informed Amazon myself, and by Saturday, they had worked their magic and my little debut baby was free everywhere.

Read it for free here.

  • Now that the entire trilogy is out, including the box set, I can finally give my mailing list the freebies it deserves! As a thank you to my wonderful subscribers, they can now read Shadow in Ar’Sanciond for free through my list. Want in on that? Sign up here and get reading!

Brightened Shadows

I’ve made a good start on reading over Brightened Shadows and taking notes, but I want to finish my first read-through this month so I can jump into the First Big Edit. There aren’t too many things to add right now, but I trust that my critique partners will find plenty when the time comes.

Blood Wisp

I’ve made no progress on this, and since above mentioned emotional highs and lows come with large changes to my routine, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to focus on this trilogy.

It’s only delayed a little though, I haven’t forgotten about it, and as soon as I can, I’ll be back with Michiko and Aza.

And those are my plans for February! Making Sparrows perma-free and making Shadow a sign-up freebie were on my list too, but for the above mentioned reasons, I’ve already hit those two goals while I wrapped my head around other things. I have one more mailing list freebie to share (just waiting for the cover!), but other than that, I’m making good time.

Fingers crossed things will go smoothly from here!

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