March Recap – Camp NaNo prep and a good dose of routine confusion!

Well, friends and Sparrows, this has been a very confusing month for me.

Like so many of you, I’m in lockdown, which means I started my new job and got used to my new routine just to work from home again and get used to yet another routine.

This whole year has been confusing so far, to be honest o.o Here’s hoping the rest of the year will be a bit steadier.

Once this quarantine is over, that is.

So, has this month gone as expected? *laughs* Of course not.

Brightened Shadows

I’ve made good progress on the First Big Edit and am confident that it’ll go to my critique partners in April. I even booked the cover for July!

It’s all happening :O

I figured I might as well join Camp NaNo this April since I’m working from home anyway, so that’s been one of the many unexpected developments for me.

Blood Wisp

No progress here. At all.

Between Brightened Shadows needing to go to critique partners and the editing jobs I do for other authors, there’s been no time – and that’s with working from home! I could have set more time aside for my books and less time for my authors, but these are the last editing jobs I’ll have (I closed my services, if you care about such things) and I want to finish them so I can have more time for my books without needing to compromise anywhere!

*takes deep breath*

That was a long sentence… Editor-me is appalled.

Looks like this series will need to wait for the summer. It’s not what I wanted, but it can’t be helped.

SPF Live and This Blog

Due to Corona reasons, I didn’t attend the event, and due to editing job reasons, I didn’t get into a regular blogging schedule.

So, that’s more unexpected developments 😐 Some months are like that *shrugs*

BUT at least I’ve made progress on Brightened Shadows and got the cover booked. I’ll hold on to that success.

I hope you’re staying safe and maybe even achieved a little more than me. These are very strange times, my dears. Be kind to yourselves, especially now <3

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