April Goals – Hurrah for Camp NaNo! … and the smallest list you’ve ever seen, damn

Happy April, friends and bookworms!

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately, so I’ve decided to scale thing back a lot and focus on one thing at a time until other parts of my life calm down a bit again and I have more time for the things I love – writing and learning.

With that in mind, my list of goals this month will be small and simple:

Beat Camp NaNo

I’ve been pushing myself to fit everything into my routine and am chuffed to say that I passed the halfway mark of Brightened Shadows this morning. If I continue at this speed (one hour a day – nothing crazy!), I’ll be ready to send it to my critique partners by the end of next week.

And that’s all I have energy for at the moment *blushes*

Wait, that’s one point… That doesn’t qualify as a list :O

On the plus side, I’m on track! Woohoo!

Let’s give it six to seven weeks and my progress will be back to normal again ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay safe, everyone <3

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