April Progress – Camp NaNo Success and Heavy Rewrites

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all coping well with this lockdown. For me, it’s been a strange blessing, because I’ve been able to make massive progress towards my last editing jobs this month – thanks to the quarantine, I was able to power through 400 pages of line edits!

(yes, I am tired)

BUT an end is in sight, because I’ll be done after next week, and then gone will be the tiny progress updates!

I’m very excited to have more time for my own again, to say the least, and big plans are unfolding, but more about that next week. My to-do list may have been smaller this month, but it’s nothing to scoff at all the same:

Brightened Shadows

Brightened Shadows is with my critique partners! *throws confetti* I asked them to email me right away if there were any big issues so I can get on it right away, but it’s been silent since I send them the book around two weeks ago (it feels much longer ago than that!). That can only be a good sign.

Getting it to this point was my Camp NaNo goal, and I’m proud I got it done.

Blood Wisp

I was torn about how best to proceed. I wanted to start writing Blood Song, but I also left Blood Wisp in a right state. Since I combined three novellas to form the first book, the draft is essentially not done. It’s more of a detailed outline with big chunks missing.

So, I decided to tackle Blood Wisp before diving into Blood Song. Novellas flow much faster than full-length novels; therefore, the structure is all over the place, the plot is incomplete, and it’s not long enough to be a full-length novel even with all three novellas combined.

Basically, this WIP needs work.

I’m reading the whole thing with my structure sheets next to me, a notebook, and several pens in different colours. I’ve got some ideas for how to improve it, but because of the state it’s in, it’ll take time.

And that’s it! Prepare for an exciting announcement in my May goals on Monday 😉

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