May Goals | Two WIPs and an Audiobook

Happy May, friends and Sparrows!

I hope you’re all keeping well and safe, especially as the lock down ends in some places and eases in others <3

This will be the month my progress picks UP, because I’ll hit a big deadline this week. While it’s not related to my own books, it’s been taking up a lot of my time every day, so finishing it will free up my schedule like nothing else has done in a long time!

There are quite a few exciting things ahead! So many, in fact, that I’ve summarised my goals for this month at the end. Feel free to jump ahead if you’re short on time or don’t want to read the whole post.

Brightened Shadows

The deadline for critique partner feedback is the 18th. I will clear my schedule once it’s with me so I can go over their suggestions and apply the ones I agree with. I also have a small list of questions to ask the group once everyone is done – I could have included them when I sent the draft but didn’t want to influence their reading, so we’ll have this discussion when they’re done!

And once that’s done, I’ll send it to my editor for the line edit. Not sure that’ll happen this month, but it might! If my critique partners don’t come back with too many problems and there are no fires elsewhere in my WIPs, it’s definitely possible.

Fingers crossed!

Blood Wisp

I’ll finish taking notes this month and will dive into rewrites once that’s done. Depending on how everything goes (read: on how messy this draft really is), I should finish taking notes next week or the week after – Brightened Shadows feedback permitting, of course!

I’ve been hiding in the editing cave for so long I can’t wait to write again, even if it’s super complicated rewrites.

The Audiobook Diaries

This is a big one!

I’ve decided to dive into the wonderful world of audiobooks with my babies. Some time this month, I’ll start the process with Rise of the Sparrows.

It’s the first I’m doing this, so I’m excited to learn something new as well as to have my books out there in another format!

Since I first mentioned this on Instagram and in my Facebook Reader Group, several people have asked me to let them know how it goes and to share my experience because they are curious, too.

Instead of making a note of everyone who asked me and inform them all individually, I’ve decided to blog about my progress and my experience. That way, everyone can learn how it works, what’s involved, what issues I run into and how to solve them, etc in one place, month by month.

Keep an eye out for The AudioBook Diaries. The first entry will hit this blog this May.


I left Twitter last autumn because everything was getting a bit overwhelming – running two blogs regularly, running two Facebook groups regularly, editing jobs, my own books (I had three release dates in short succession ahead of me at the time), Instagram seven days a week, Twitter, regular Pinterest session to drive traffic to one of my blogs–

It was too much, so I left.

But now, I only have this blog right here, I handed one of my Facebook groups over to someone else, I post on Instagram only three times a week, and I closed my editing services. Closing my other blog also brought an end to the Pinterest stress, so that’s five less things to worry about.

Long story short–I’m coming back, Twitter!

I’d share a link right now, but I think I’ll tidy up a little first *ahem*

So, to summarise:

  • I’ll receive my critique partners’ feedback for Brightened Shadows around the 18th. If all goes well and the issues aren’t too complicated to fix, it might even go to my editor for its line edit.
  • I’ll finish taking notes of Blood Wisp and will begin rewrites.
  • I’ll begin the lengthy audiobook progress and blog about it here under The Audiobook Diaries.
  • I’ll return to Twitter.

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