May Progress | Between Audiobook Excitement and Burnout

I’ll keep this month’s update short because I’ve burned myself out pretty badly this month *rolls eyes at self*

Brightened Shadows

I’ve received all critique partner feedback and have begun to go over their suggestions. Most of it is straightforward – a word spelled wrong here, an easy-to-fix inconsistency there – but other parts…

I’d go over one set of feedback and the critique partner loved, say, a chapter. I’d then move on to the next set of feedback, and the critique partner didn’t get on with the same chapter at all.

There’s one character I was worried had too many chapters compared to the others. One critique partner thinks they had too few and need more.

And on it went! So, in short, I somewhat divided my critique partners with this one. This isn’t on everything, of course, but they’ve given me a lot to think about, and I have some ideas on how to strengthen important parts of the book thanks to them.

Blood Wisp

Remember how I said at the beginning of the month that I’d dive into rewrites at some point this month, depending on how messy this draft really is?

Turns out, it’s messy. I was tempted to start over from scratch at one point.

I’ve gone over the entire draft now and have begun to take notes of my notes. There are some serious structural problems (friendly reminder to avoid turning three novellas into one novel), which means a good bit of rewriting is necessary.

To hopefully make sense of the mess without creating more mess, I’ve re-outlined it and will copy and paste the chapters I’m keeping/moving into a new, clean document. I’m cutting a few chapters and need to add quite a few more so everything comes together well, so I’m hoping this will make it easier.

The Audiobook Diaries

The audiobook process for Rise of the Sparrows has begun! You can follow my audiobook journey here.

At the moment, entries are weekly every Friday – and the reason this monthly progress update happens today rather than tomorrow.


I’ve rejoined Twitter earlier this month! I considered tidying up my account, but that would have taken a very long time, so I deleted it and started over.

You can follow me here.

And that sums up my May! Remember to look after yourselves <3

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