July Progress | Camp NaNo Success!

Can you believe July is over after today?? :O It’s been a busy month, that’s for sure!

My burnout has reminded me two or three times this month that it is not, in fact, over, but still watching me very carefully from the shadows. I overdid it a few times, so I’m still being careful after all. What can I say? These things take time.

Having said that, prepare to be dazzled with all my progress:

Brightened Shadows



It’s all happening now ^-^

I’m nowhere near ready to do a cover reveal (for once, I wasn’t instantly in love with the proof, and my designer is now on holiday until the middle of August), but it’s coming, friends and bookworms.

I also changed my NaNo goal at the last minute to include all remaining edits of Brightened Shadows – this was to prepare it for my editor. I focussed on this goal and reached it first, so I got my biggest Camp goal done before I could switch to the fun project:

The Silence of Magic

Working on Brightened Shadows first didn’t leave me much time for The Silence of Magic, but I made tons of progress towards the plot itself. I actually know where I’m going with this book now o.o

And it’s been quite a journey! I went from only having a faint idea and rough goal to having half-plotted the book and worrying it wouldn’t be a series after all but a standalone (and then worrying that wouldn’t work very well) to having the rest of it plotted and realising that it has all the series potential. So it’s been that kind of roller coaster!

I’m very nearly at my NaNo word count goal. Today’s writing session will do it. I’m cutting it a little close, but as long as I can reach it today, I’m happy.

Blood Wisp

Not gonna lie, I could have re-outlined this book this month, but I chose to prioritise The Silence of Magic – partially because, as I mentioned above, I’m cutting the NaNo deadline a little fine.

But Camp will be over after today, and Yua will get more of my attention again.

I bought and read Save the Cat! Writes a Novel this month, which will be a huge help when I start the new outline. It’s already helped me make sense of The Silence of Magic, and I’m confident that it’ll help me figure out Blood Wisp and its sequels too.

This Blog

You might have noticed that I haven’t changed anything yet, but I’ve got things scheduled for August!

Again, the delicate combination of Camp NaNo pressure and burnout-waiting-to-return meant that I didn’t push myself. But things are lined up and coming next month 🙂

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