August Progress | One Submitted Audiobook (*throws confetti*) and One VERY Messy Re-Structure (*inhales tea*)

Ever sit down to reflect on how much progress you’ve made and have no idea how much progress you’ve made? I genuinely couldn’t remember where I was at the beginning of August o.o

I looked back over my post earlier this month, where I said August would be all about my audiobook, and it kinda was (and still is) :

The Rise of the Sparrows Audiobook

I spent a good chunk of time this month listening to every chapter and sending feedback where needed. My narrator got on it right away, and long story short, I approved and submitted it *throws confetti*

My purse is a lot lighter, but I can’t wait to share this book and see how much you all love my amazing narrator <3

All being well, it’ll be out on Monday, but I don’t have much control over this part *shrugs*

For all the details, read my audiobook diaries.

Blood Wisp

I may have mentioned this before, but I expected the re-structuring to be monstrous…

And it was.

But it’s done now and I can actually rewrite the thing rather than obsess over the non-existent structure and very messy first draft :O

The Silence of Magic

The above didn’t leave too much time for this WIP, but I did write a little bit, I named some currencies, and I named almost all the countries. Some are a little harder to figure out, but I do at least know the general direction for them, which will help a lot when my characters talk about them.

And that’s it–a super short progress report after the super short goals I set at the start of this month 🙂

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