Mini Book Reviews September 2020 | Norse Mythology, Descendant of the Crane, Lady of the Lake

It wasn’t my intention, but this was a mythology heavy four weeks :O This is maybe all the more surprising because my mythology reading before these was pretty much zero o.o When I commit, I commit XD I’m still reading Mythos, though, so I’ll review it next month – I’m only about halfway through!

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Mini Book Reviews September 2020 |  Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman, hardback


Review: This was a great introduction to mythology for me. If you love Neil Gaiman, you’ll love this, too, because his usual style ran throughout. It doesn’t have as many stories as I hoped, but I’m not sure if there simply aren’t many or if it’s because he chose only his favourites for this collection. Perfect for everyone loving the Norse myths or looking for an easy entry!

Favourite Quote:

“Of course it was Loki. It’s always Loki.”


Mini Book Reviews September 2020 |  Lady of the Lake by Andrzej Sapkowski, ebook

LADY OF THE LAKE by Andrzej Sapkowski

Review: I always struggle so much with these books. What I love is the lore, the world building, and the characters. What makes me consider giving up every time is the amount of info-dumping and repetitions. There were whole chapters in this that added nothing (looking at you, Jarre). But I’m a sucker for lore, and that’s how I see these after having played the games. Yes, I know the games wouldn’t exist without these books, but also I’m glad I found the games first *shrug*

Favourite Quote:

‘She won’t return to the temple, Mother,’ she said softly. ‘She’s in the hospital of Mr Milo Vanderbeck, the surgeon, the halfling. She said she wants to tend the sick. That she’ll only devote herself to that. Forgive her, Mother Nenneke.’

‘Forgive her?’ the priestess snorted. ‘I’m proud of her.’


Mini Book Reviews September 2020 |  Descendant of the Crane by Joan He, paperback


Review: Overall, I really liked this, but I think it should have started a little earlier in the plot – it skipped past a few important plot points – and there were a few other moments that felt rushed to me. The plot was intriguing, though, and it went into directions I didn’t see coming a few times. I also loved the strong focus on sibling relationships and the unique magic system (unique to me, anyway).

Favourite Quote:

She’d forgotten because she could afford to forget, never having lived a life of terror and fear herself.


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