November Goals 2020 | NaNoWriMo and Publishing BRIGHTENED SHADOWS

It’s the most wonderful tiiiime of the–

What? No, I know it’s not Christmas. I’m talking about NaNoWriMo, obviously! :p

(Honestly, though, I really am that excited <3)

To no one’s surprise, my main goal this month is:


Yes, even ahead of publishing Brightened Shadows XD I know my priorities 😛

I was torn between projects, but then the first of November came, I sat down to write at midnight to kick NaNo off right (might just make that a new tradition, assuming I don’t need to get up early the day after), and didn’t think about which WIP to pick up, I just continued with Blood Song.

And I’m having a lot of fun with it ^-^

I was a bit worried about writing 1,669 words between 7am and 7.40am, but it’s worked well so far. I’ve only done one day of it, mind you, but I think I can keep this up on the days I need to go into work. So far, I’m a tiny bit ahead *knocks on wood*

Brightened Shadows

I *think* I’m all set. The pre-order is live. My formatter is nearly done with the paperback and ebook files.

I’m just waiting for the amended spine for the paperback, so that might be a little later, but everything else is ready to go! *throws confetti*

I’d count down the days until the 20th, but really I’m too busy with NaNo XD

What are your goals for November? Are you taking part in NaNo this year? Leave a comment and let’s chat <3

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