Changes to My Blogging Schedule in 2021

Edit: Did I mean to schedule this post for January 4th? Yes. Yes, I did. Did I instead have a moment and post it on December 31st? Mmhmm. Apologies!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! *throws confetti*

I hope you had a great start to the new year <3

Last month, I realised I don’t enjoy blogging, so I’m making some changes to my schedule for this year. Under the old schedule, I would have shared my goals for the month and for the year today, but I decided to stop doing monthly goal posts as well as the monthly progress reports.

Instead, I will be doing quarterly updates with my progress from the last quarter and my goals for the coming quarter, and I will be doing them on my podcast The Writing Sparrow. I’ve already recorded the first one, and it will go live on my birthday, January 26th. If you prefer to read my updates, don’t worry – the transcripts will be available right here on this blog and via the podcast itself, so no matter where you choose to follow, you’ll see them. If you want to follow along via this blog, you’ll find the updates saved in two categories: The Writing Sparrow Podcast and Progress Updates.

I also won’t be doing any other monthly posts like the mini updates. Doing all those little posts every month took up a fair bit of time, and I believe I can better spend this time elsewhere.

So, what’s left on this blog?

There are the podcast transcripts of course, but I’ll also still share all bookish news, like new releases, new trailers, and things like that.

If you have any questions about this new schedule, be that about missing content or possible future content, ask away!

Now, let’s go make 2021 our year *high five*

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