The Writing Sparrow Episode 47 | Meditation for Writers with T.L. Clarke

This week, author T.L. Clarke is back to talk about all things meditation! It’s one of my favourite chats on my podcast, so I hope you enjoy it too <3

We cover a lot of ground in this one: how to sit when you meditate, common misconceptions, how to meditate, can you still meditate when you have aphantasia (an inability to imagine things), etc.

As an added bonus at the end, T does a lovely guided meditation to help you relax. This is a great introduction if you’ve never meditated before! To help you come out of it gently, I’ve left a bit of space between the end of her meditation and the end-of-episode music, and I’m not including the usual talk-over this time – this way, you can come out of the meditation gently <3 This also doubles as this week’s action step!

Please note: if you don’t want to do the meditation, we’re letting you know when the episode is effectively over for you, but: the first sign-off is a false start because I missed a question, so don’t go anywhere just yet the first time I say you’re done! We’re about to discuss how to sit when you’re meditating when you reach this point. I promise we’ve made it clear when to go (plus you’ll know when the meditation starts!).

To find out more about T.L. Clark, you can find her on InstagramTwitter, and her website. The app she mentions is the Insight Timer App.

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