The Writing Sparrow Episode 59 | Holding One Another Accountable – Sarina’s 2022 Goals AND January-March Goals

(Sooo, I’m here saving and scheduling this episode for Monday, and I notice I only have 58 previous episodes scheduled. This is because I had a moment many months ago and made a spot for ’59: 27/12: Christmas Break’ in my planner -.- Ignore me when I say this is E60. It’s of course E59 *ahem*)

Welcome to my quarterly writing updates, goals, and podcast news! If this isn’t why you’re here, don’t worry – it’ll only happen four times a year. Hopefully, my process, goals, and achieved deadlines (as well as surprise challenges) will be interesting for you whether you’re here as a writer or as one of my readers!

Listen to find out what I’m working on, what progress I’ve made on my WIPs, and what’s coming up next in my writing and on this podcast.

And if you’d like to share your goals with me, too, go right ahead! Let’s hold one another accountable *high five*

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