Sarina Langer

tea drinker. video gamer. sleep enthusiast. lover of storms.

Sarina Langer is a dark fantasy author of both epic and urban paranormal novels.

She’s as obsessed with books and stationery now as she was as a child, when she drowned her box of colour pencils in water so they wouldn’t die and scribbled her first stories on corridor walls.

(‘A first sign of things to come’, according to her mother. ‘Normal toddler behaviour’, according to Sarina.)

In her free time she usually reads one audiobook, one ebook, and one paperback (one for every occasion), plays video games, and obsesses over mythology.

She has a weakness for books on writing and pretty words. (Specificity, anyone? Or perhaps nebulous?)

Sarina lives with her partner in the south of England.

Podcast Appearances
If you'd like Sarina to be a guest on your podcast, please contact her and mention what you'd like to talk about and the name of your show so she can be nosy.