Once Upon a Name: Tales of the Strange and Unusual

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What’s in a name? Names have power, names have magic, names can set the course for a great destiny.

Once upon a time, twenty author friends accepted a challenge by a fairy tale name generator. Now, twenty new characters have adventurous tales to tell.

In this clean YA anthology, meet goddesses, empresses, countesses, wannabe sorceress apprentices, female leaders of wolf packs, and guardian frog sidekicks. Search for missing persons with a hunter turned detective. Swoon over the gypsy sultana who must prove she is fit to rule. Cavort with our demons, wraiths, and demigods and lose your soul to the Bone Marsh. Root for a genie’s freedom or bite your nails as you pray for the witch to get the spell right. And yes, feel your heart palpitate at unexpected romance.

Escape into our strange and unusual collection of short stories written by award-winning and up-and-coming authors. Join us in far-off lands and learn. . .what is in a name.

All proceeds donated to Book Aid International in support of reading and literacy. 

Twice Upon a Name: Tales of Mix-ups and Mistaken Identities

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Double the name and double the magic, mystery, and mayhem

Once upon a time, a fairy tale name generator issued a challenge to a group of authors. Volume Two of these quirky stories brings double trouble.

In this clean YA anthology, spy on thieves discovering their princely identities, accompany villains seeking redemption along with accident-prone geese, and rejoice in the reunion of siblings separated at birth. Side with twins split between good and evil, giggle over mistaken identities, and discover the secrets of royal doppelgängers. When fates are intertwined by a namesake, mayhem and mischief are sure to follow.

Venture into this collection of adventurous stories by award-winning and up-and-coming authors and see if what happens once . . . happens twice!

Pssst…some characters from Once Upon A Name might make a comeback, but the two sets and all stories in them can be read as standalones.

All proceeds donated to charity in support of reading and literacy.

Third Name’s a Charm

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All good things come in threes.

Once upon a time, a group of authors accepted the challenge from a fairy tale name generator. Not just once or twice, but thrice! Volume three of these quirky stories is a collection stories featuring trios and triple threats.

In this clean YA anthology, follow the fates of three IVF-manufactured (oops, sorry, potion-begotten) triplet princesses, be enlisted as the third lucky bodyguard to stave off monsters, see if the third wand works wonders for an unlucky mage, try to discover the true name of a unicorn prince, discover why the magical artefacts come in threes and climb towers with thieves to step into abductions of well-known fairytale characters.

Don’t forget, with the rule of three, there are always exceptions. Venture into this collection of adventurous stories by award-winning and up-and-coming authors and maybe you’ll be thrice enchanted.

All proceeds donated to a charity in support of reading and literacy.

Shifting Fates

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They’re unable to do the one thing they were born to do—shift.

In this multi-author anthology, you will find a collection of stories about shifters who can not shift. Whether they were born that way or a traumatic event made it so, the fact is they’re a little broken.

Magic Discovered

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When magic is revealed, the world will never be the same again…

Magic has always remained hidden, protecting those who possess it from those who covet it. But when magic is revealed to the world, all hell breaks loose.

With witches, the fae, orcs, sylphs, and even dragons on the loose, no one is safe.
Our heroes must navigate a world they don’t understand, with danger at every turn. The genie is out of the bottle and now all they can do is survive.

With stories from –

USA Today Bestselling Author S. K. Gregory
Kat Gracey
Kat Parrish
Adriadne LeFox
V. V. Strange
Sarina Langer
Erin Casey
S.R. Griffith
Heather Karn

Magic Discovered is a limited collection of urban fantasy and paranormal fantasy stories.

Charmed & Dangerous

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These witches are considered Charmed and Dangerous…

In the world of magic, nothing is ever as easy as it seems. Spells and charms can only get you so far. For these heroines, magic may just be the root of their problems.

Facing demons, ghosts, and untamed powers they will need to draw on their inner strength if they are to survive.

With love and family on the line, these witches are facing the fight of their lives. Good thing they’re Charmed and Dangerous.

A Collection of Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Tales

*** No longer available ***

We thank everyone who bought a copy of this limited-edition set while it was for sale! We hope it made your holidays a little brighter.

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Sarina Langer