Darkened Light

Darkened Light (#1)

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When he was a boy in Onwwe, he’d been taught to respect the dead and honour their memory. Not once had anyone said anything about them still existing somewhere.

The peace of the dead is in danger: the Dread King has awoken, and he is building an army with their souls. Naavah Ora—a young elf with the magic to walk amongst the dead—notices the first signs of the corruption, but she has no allies, let alone an army…

Until a careless thief, an unwilling sacrifice, and an unlucky trap-maker cross her path. She needs to stop the undead invasion before it consumes both worlds, but it’s easier said than done with the quarrelling team of misfits at her back. She will need their help, but can she trust them? Against her better judgement, she slowly starts to care about them…

But when the corruption destroys her sister clans and her family, her personal feelings can’t matter. Can Naavah Ora find the only weapon that can end the threat before it’s too late… or is she chasing a myth?

Brightened Shadows (#2)

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Naavah Ora has found the weapon that can kill the Dread King, but there’s one setback: she is the weapon, and she shares her mind with her patron goddess. Naavah Ora isn’t prepared to lose herself to stop the undead invasion, but when the Dread King makes the fight personal, she might give anything to stop him after all.

Meanwhile, Doran, Levi, and Ash struggle with a prison break and the realisation that Ceallach still wants Levi as his sacrifice. They reach for Naavah Ora while she slips further away, but how can they fight a battle happening in another realm?

To end Ceallach’s invasion and retake peace for the dead, Naavah Ora hopes that her other gods joining the fight will be enough. When Ceallach ends the things and people she loves the most, she must decide:

Is she prepared to pay the price and surrender her consciousness for good?

Sarina Langer