Blood Song

Book 2 of the Blood Wisp trilogy.


Joining the Seven is not what Yua always imagined.

They are the most powerful sorceresses in the world, but Yua still doesn’t have any magic, she still can’t control the Mist demon in her blackened veins, she’s barely controlling her thirst for blood, and she’s definitely not a sorceress or powerful. She’s nothing but a curiosity that fascinates the Seven, offered this position so they can better study her.

But it was this or death, so Yua chose life. She chose knowledge, like any Seven would. And it’s not all bad: Shizue is slowly teaching her control over her Shadow. The lessons are exhausting, though; Yua doesn’t know how much more she can push herself.

When another Blood Wisp arrives at the coven, newly turned and terrified, Yua needs to push herself further still. Neither the Seven nor the young man know who’s responsible, but Yua suspects one thing:

She’ll find answers in the Mists.

But will her Shadow betray their fragile co-operation the moment they enter, and can she pull it off without drawing the Dark One’s attention?


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