Blood Vow

There are different kinds of strength, her Shadow whispered. Such as the strength it takes to walk away from something good.

Book 3 in the Blood Wisp trilogy.


Yua has become one of the Seven, she has reached a truce with her Shadow, and nine Blood Wisps owe her their lives. But now she—and all of Midoka—has a new problem:

As Yua explores the Mists with the help of her Shadow, the Dark One learns of their connection… and He sees it as the opportunity He’s been waiting for to invade Midoka.

Empress Nara is grateful for the coven’s help, but she has yet other plans for Yua: the Blood Wisps will need help being accepted into wider society, and a Blood Wisp on the throne, married to her son, would go a long way towards lasting peace.

Yua has never wanted to rule or fight in a war, but now it seems she can’t escape either… and the price is high as Blood Wisps choose sides, her potential future opens a chasm between her and Aza… and the Dark One stops at nothing to prove His power.

Blood will flow before a new era can begin—

But whose?


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One of the biggest hits in the series! Clearly a remarkable masterpiece.

Authors Assembly

Truly amazing and breathtaking journey, delivered in a fantastic way. One of the best books of the year.

Books Digest

I particularly liked the way the author delivers his message through the main character actions. This is a great adventurous book filled with many moments of action and comedy.

New York Times