Wardens of Archos

If she could change their fear into hope she would, no matter how ridiculous she felt in a dress and crown.

Book 2 of the Relics of Ar’Zac trilogy.


Rachael has left her old life on the streets of Blackrock behind and claimed the Rifarnee throne, but being an unprepared queen comes with its own problems. She has no idea what she’s doing, ambassadors from other countries want her attention, and the demons from her dreams are still out there and trying to kill her.

Support comes from a Mist Woman, whom Rachael is slow to trust after her experience with Aeron. Together with her most trusted friends and advisors, she travels to Midoka and Krymistis in search for answers, but she finds only more frustration.

Kaida is hiding something from her, she can’t be sure she’s escaped her would-be assassins, and her once-best friend has been claimed by the Dark One, the infernal ruler of the Mists and Master of the demons trying to kill her. To end His threat, Rachael needs a dragon…

But will she find a survivor of the extinct race before time runs out?

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