Relics of Ar’Zac

The whole series is also available as one box set.

Rise of the Sparrows (#1)

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A cursed omen who dreams of death. A girl who calls fire with a wish. A group of resistance fighters who need the king to die.

Prophecy has brought them together, but will it destroy them too?

Rachael is no stranger to struggle: her parents abandoned her when she was five, she is homeless, and the villagers avoid her because they fear her prophetic dreams. Rachael is okay with that—if they leave her alone, they won’t harm her, and she can look after herself. But then she meets Cephy, and Cephy isn’t used to being away from her mother’s warmth.

When her father beats Cephy again, she burns the house and her family down with her magic. The scared villagers call on the White Guard to take them away and execute them, but neither girl is ready to die. Together, they escape into a world they know nothing about… towards a Mist Woman with dark plans and a resistance plotting regicide.

Rachael wants only to live in peace, but the resistance needs her, and it promises a better tomorrow for all magically gifted. It’s everything Rachael wants and more…
But is she prepared to commit the ultimate crime and claim the throne to get it?

Wardens of Archos (#2)

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If she could change their fear into hope she would, no matter how ridiculous she felt in a dress and crown.

Rachael has left her old life on the streets of Blackrock behind and claimed the Rifarnee throne, but being an unprepared queen comes with its own problems. She has no idea what she’s doing, ambassadors from other countries want her attention, and the demons from her dreams are still out there and trying to kill her.

Support comes from a Mist Woman, whom Rachael is slow to trust after her experience with Aeron. Together with her most trusted friends and advisors, she travels to Midoka and Krymistis in search for answers, but she finds only more frustration.

Kaida is hiding something from her, she can’t be sure she’s escaped her would-be assassins, and her once-best friend has been claimed by the Dark One, the infernal ruler of the Mists and Master of the demons trying to kill her. To end His threat, Rachael needs a dragon…

But will she find a survivor of the extinct race before time runs out?

Blood of the Dragon (#3)

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Paschros kai zo. Fight strong and live.

And so she took one step at a time.

Without ever looking down.

Rachael’s worst nightmare and feared vision has come alive. Imprisoned on Kaethe in the Dark One’s temple, guarded by shadows, she can’t do anything but wait for death.

If only she could force her visions, or contact Cale and her Sparrows… but she’s never been able to control her gift, and her only friends are an ocean away, unaware that Rachael’s been kidnapped.

Even worse nightmares rise from the shadows. The Dark One grows stronger every day, and He’ll destroy the world if Rachael doesn’t find a way out.

To do that, she needs to force her visions, break the Dark One’s barrier on her mind, master her gift, and find a dragon willing to shed its blood for humanity…

But will it cost Rachael her life, her sanity, or both?

Shadow in Ar’Sanciond (#0.5)

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In the beginning, everyone died.

Sanciond is the magic capital of the North and home of the sorcerers watching over the country of Ar’Sanciond. With a library covering every subject imaginable, only one line of research is forbidden:

The study of the Mists, cradle of all evil where no light can dwell.

Sorcerer Eldon is granted permission to lead pioneering research into the Mists, but what he finds there—and what he unleashes—threatens the very fabric of Ar’Sanciond.

Sorcerer Vail, Seer Mavis, and Head Sorcerer Felan are the only ones who notice their friend’s changed energy. Only quick covert action can save Sanciond…

… But not all plans are meant to succeed, and not every story has a happy ending.

Shadow in Ar’Sanciond is the prequel novella to the Relics of Ar’Zac trilogy but can also be read on its own.

Sarina Langer