Sparrow Street Team

If you want to help me spread the word about my books or volunteer as tribute as beta reader or critique partner, I’d love for you to join my Street Team!

Here’s what being a Sparrow on my Street Team means:

  • Whenever I have a new book ready for beta readers or critique partners, you can volunteer. I won’t ask for betas anywhere else anymore, so this is the place to do it. You’d help me polish my drafts while seeing early almost-there versions of my books before even my Review Team sees them!

While I can’t offer to critique your book in return, I do offer a 20% discount on all my editing services and £5 off blurb repairs to all my beta readers and critique partners.

  • When I publish a new book or set up a preorder, you help me spread the word however works for you.
  • When I have a promotion (say, if a book is a free or cheaper for a week), you help get the word out. I’ll provide graphics for both.
  • You’re welcome to create your own images if you don’t like what I provide.
  • There’s no obligation to do any of the above. If you don’t want to promote a book for whatever reason or if you don’t have the time, don’t worry about it. If you’re too busy to be a beta reader this time, that’s cool. Just do what you can <3
  • There’s no obligation to review any of my books. I prefer it if you’ve read my books since you can’t recommend them honestly otherwise, but this isn’t my review team. If you’d rather read and promote them in different ways, that’s fine.
  • Once a year, I’ll host a giveaway exclusive to this list to say thank you 🙂

Above all else, I want this list to be a relaxed place. Unless you beta read or volunteer to be a critique partner (which will have a deadline), you can do things in your own time. I’ll provide graphics where necessary, and you choose when and how you share them or if at all.

Still want to join? Sign up for my Sparrow Street Team here.

ARCs more your thing? Join my Sparrow Review Team here.