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Worlds of Shadows, Myths, and Magic – Series Starter Box Set

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New to the dark fantasy worlds by Sarina Langer? Read one series and want more? In her series-starter box set, you’ll find:

RISE OF THE SPARROWS (dark epic fantasy, Relics of Ar’Zac trilogy)

DARKENED LIGHT (dark epic fantasy, Darkened Light duology)

BLOOD WISP (dark fantasy horror, Blood Wisp trilogy)

A DREAM OF DEATH AND MAGIC (paranormal urban fantasy romance, Chaos of Esta Anderson decology)

Whether you’re new to Langer’s books or have already loved some of her stories, this series-starter box set is the perfect way to discover more of her dark fantasy novels… be they epic fantasy, dipping into vampire horror, or discovering a hidden paranormal community alongside our own.

Sweet slow-burn romance guaranteed. Spicy romance coming (hehe) in some. Magic in everything.

Relics of Ar’Zac

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An orphaned seer who dreams of death…

A girl who calls fire with a wish…

A group of resistance fighters who need the king to die…

A dragon whose secrets could save the world…

And the darkest shadow, free after centuries of prison.

Prophecy has brought them together, but who will it destroy?

The Relics of Ar’Zac box set unites the trilogy and the prequel novella in one volume.

Sarina Langer