Mini Book Reviews August 2020 | Morning Star, When You Were Everything, Diabolica Britannica

Oh hey, it’s ANOTHER new monthly post! I must be getting my shit together :O

Every month, I post mini reviews of the books I’ve read that month. I’m not a fast reader, so these posts won’t be long *ahem*

(also, just writing this title made me realise how widely I read these days #highfive)

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Mini book review image Morning Star by Pierce Brown

MORNING STAR by Pierce Brown

Review: I actually don’t know how to review this o.o As I’m writing this post, I’m just under 100 pages away from the end. There’s just been a wedding scene (damning enough on its own), and the only part of the vows Brown shows is the ’til death do us part’ bit, so I’m sweating and frankly, I’m terrified of the last 80 pages. I’m not ready for it, and I’m pretty sure I’ll still be in a lot of pain when I have finished it.

If you love sci-fi with excellent everything and more pain than you can handle, you need this series.

Favourite Quote:

Maybe that’s just the nature of us, ever wishing for things that were and could be rather than things that are and will be.

(I wrote down so many though)


Mini book review image When You Were Everything by Ashley Woodfolk


Review: I went for this audiobook whenever my feelings weren’t ready for more Morning Star. It’s narrated extremely well, and it’s also weirdly nostalgic for me because my BFF and I fought when we were the MC’s age, so I feel a lot of this book.

Due to the topic, it’s also full of teenage growing-up drama, which isn’t really my thing – I knew that from the blurb going in though, so I didn’t take a heart away for that. It’s not like it mislead me. I did take one heart away because I don’t really care overall. I can easily put this book down and do something else.

BUT it’s well written, really well narrated, and I think it’s an important book for young readers to help them realise that not all friendships last forever, and that this is okay.

Favourite Quote:

Everything feels like a memory in a city when it snows.

(This is also the opening line <3)


mini book review image Diabolica Britannica


Review: I always struggle with anthologies. A lot of these stories were great, and I’ve found some authors I want to read more by. It also had stories that didn’t work for me. As with all anthologies, the wide selection of different talents is its blessing and its curse *shrugs*

Since it shows off a wide range of British horror authors, you’re guaranteed to find stories you’ll love! It’s very worth a read if horror is your genre (or even if you’re a wimp, like me – none of them terrified me!), and with the profits going to the NHS, there’s no reason not to give this a try.

Favourite Quote:

In many ways, Ruth had never really left. But when she heard about the village being revealed again after six straight years of draught, she knew she had to go back. To see the only place where she had ever belonged. To relive that time when she had become her true self. To make sure.

from The Flow by Tim Lebbon


What did you read this month? Did you love it?

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